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[TIG] Help!

I am a fellow telecine tech in need of renting or buying time in using a
regular 8mm gate to transfer some home movies.  I called Rank and they want
and initial 350$ for the first day of rental and an aditional $175
thereafter.  One day's use is all I am looking for.  I am finding it hard to
belive that with some of the perks that an individual gets just by working in
the industry, that $350 is all that I can find.  I mean, it's only 8mm.
 That's why I am posting this want add to see if there is anyone out there
that knows of a less expensive way for me to transfer my home movies or
possibly somone who might have some 8mm film that need to be transfered as
well and would consider sharing the initial gate rental fee from Rank. 

Sincerley  Mike Quihuis
                 comita at aol.com