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Re: [TIG] Help!

On Fri, 10 May 1996 10:58:25 -0400, you wrote:
>I am a fellow telecine tech in need of renting or buying time in using a
>regular 8mm gate to transfer some home movies.  I called Rank and they want
>and initial 350$ for the first day of rental and an aditional $175
>thereafter.  One day's use is all I am looking for.  I am finding it hard to
>belive that with some of the perks that an individual gets just by working in
>the industry, that $350 is all that I can find.  I mean, it's only 8mm.
> That's why I am posting this want add to see if there is anyone out there
>that knows of a less expensive way for me to transfer my home movies or
>possibly somone who might have some 8mm film that need to be transfered as
>well and would consider sharing the initial gate rental fee from Rank. 
>Sincerley  Mike Quihuis
>                 comita at aol.com
I went through this a while ago with some old home movies my family found.

What I wound up doing was having them transferred by a guy I found here on
the net: Tim English   time at tir.com

He and his wife do this as a part time thing, and only to VHS.  They did a
decent job (I guess, since there's no way of knowing what was really on the
forty year old film).  It was very reasonable.

If VHS works for you, give it a try.