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[TIG] Re: film questions

Ulf asked me to forward the following message to our group.  Though I
have, Ulf, personally transferred 35mm still negative that was
leadered and cored for transfer on a Rank Ursa (which can
flop/flip/rotate/squeeze the image, taking care of your concern about
'sideways' orientation), the results were less than ideal, as dirt is
a significant problem, and the image had to have been shot loose
enough so that I would have room to size and center it for TV aspect

Perhaps there are some with more experience than I with this who can
answer Ulf better; please make sure to Cc: 'ulf at reallife.bc.ca' as
he is not a subscriber to this mailinglist, thank you.

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} Subject: Re: film questions

we are planning to shoot a scene in stop motion using a still
photography camera with a bulk load on the back (canon F2). some of
the problems we expect to run into are: - still cameras record the
image sideways (similar to vistavision) as opposed to motion picture
film. can the rank transfer "sideways"? - film stock for still
photography has different "sprocket hole configurations". can the rank
handle different "sprocket hole configurations"? - the only camera
with a bulkload back we were able to track down is the canon F2. this
camera (as most still cameras) does not a double pin registration like
some motion picture cameras do, thus the moving image will not be as
steady (or not steady at all). can this be fixed during transfer and
how long would it take? are there any other problems we should

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