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Re: [TIG] Re: film questions

Two weeks ago I transfered still images from various types of cameras in a 
circle to give a 3d effect....  It worked quite well.  At that stage I 
didn't have PTR's and the dirt was no problem.  All I did was have the 
cameraman shoot half frame for TV, zoom out a little so that the Edit box 
could repo as they wanted... I did a fair amount by using the match box, for 
position and colour reference.

The whole thing was probably more complicated than your shoot as from memory 
there were 7 different cameras, therefore 7 rolls of film all placed one 
after the other, so I had to run bkwds and fwds to find each shot, grade it, 
record it, etc.  For me I just found that time was the issue....  Approx 
5hrs for three takes, including coffee breaks!


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