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Re: [TIG] Re: film questions

In reply to the question from Ulf re:   stills film used for motion
picture. I can offer you some advice that may be useful.

I did a few music clips last year using this technique and there are indeed
some things to be wary of.

- As rob said, the framing is tricky. You will need to basically turn your
stills camera 90 degrees and frame in the centre.  You will loose a lot of
film area top and bottom.  You need to frame everything quite wide and to
allow for the optical sound area. (unless you have a Super 35 gate)   The
best way to figure out the framing for yourself is by shooting a short

- The dirt problem can be severe and a good solution in my experiece is to
shoot pos. slide film.  This is less prone to dirt and looks much better!
You will loose a little on latitude but it's worth it.

- You will have a stability problem as the sprockets are slightly
different.  It will run through the telecine o.k. but don't expect
precision stability.  You may be able to improve this by using some image
stabilizer in post.

- When you run the film through the telecine, every second frame wil be a
"dud" frame.  this is due to the frame orientation on the stills film.  You
either need to strip out every second frame or else step print the good
frames.  Metaspeed is perfect for this!  You will notice that the framing
does drift slightly as the film runs through (due to sprockets).  You may
need to transfer is short runs, repositioning as you go to get around this

- Overall it is a tricky technique, but is a bit of fun and is really good
when it works!  Take care and do a test if you can!

Best of luck

Paul Holmes

pholmes at magna.com.au (until May 25th)
holmsey at plannetweb.ie (from May 25th)