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Re: [TIG] Re: film questions

Re: Stop Motion Photography Film Transfer

In my experience with stop motion photography, I have done my transfers
using the Steadi-film II pin register gate.  It allows excellent
flexibility for framing with the controller's ability to easily perf up or
down on each individual frame if necessary. The use of a digital disc
recoder in conjunction with the Steadi-film gate makes it easy to locate
individual frames that have been recorded and fix them if needed.  Having
frame by frame control of the recording is quite helpful. The DDR makes it
easy to preview the motion and re-record to acheive the desired effect.
Options International has a list of pulldowns to which the operator can
refer to program pulldown parameters, precisely controlling the speed at
which the stop motion frames will run.  Skip printing is also very easy to
program.  The gate is full aperture, but of course the same 90 degree
framing issues that have already been mentioned will apply.  Stability will
still be a factor too.  The suggestion already presented of using a
stabilization process, available on such devices as Flame or Henry may be
the way to go.


Lynette Duensing
Producers Color Service