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[TIG] engineers wanted (Santa Monica, CA)

--- Forwarded mail from evanc at pacopost.com (evan chan)

"We are looking for talented engineers who like to work with Ursa Gold
Telecines. Knowledge of DaVinci Renaissance 8:8:8 as well as TLC and
Evertz keycode is also desirable. Our clients expect the best from us
and we encourage the best from our employees to serve our clients.
Our unique facility is a few blocks from the beach in Santa Monica. If
you have an interest in working with the best in the business at a
state-of the-art facility, please contact Joe O'Hanlon at: (310)
458-3300, or fax to (310) 394-6852 you may also send e-mail to
joeo at pacopost.com "

--- End of forwarded message from evanc at pacopost.com (evan chan)

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