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[TIG] PAL xfr with NTSC DAT

                      Subject:                              Time:  8:55 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         PAL xfr with NTSC DAT                 Date:  5/14/96

Hello all,
Maybe someone can help me out.  We have a feature transfer job coming in for
transfer to both NTSC at 23.98 fps film rate and PAL at 25.0 fps film rate. 
The Audio is on DAT with 29.97 fps timecode.  We have Sony DAT model #
PCM-7050, DaVinci Renaissance/DUI, TLC, Aaton Keylink for Timecode generation,
URSA Gold telecines.  Can this be done without generating a full coat 35 mm
Mag from the DAT to keep all in sync for both standards?  I suspect we can't
do it without the mag.
Dave Corbitt