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[TIG] 4:2:2:4 and 4x4 D-1 Applications


My quest for information regarding 4:4:4 D1 recording has resulted in a
forwarding of the pertinent Sony implementation of this concept. This
information is directly lifted from the Sony "Digital Peripheral Equipment"
catalog #BC-00119-G, pages 20, 21 and 28.

>     The Sony BKDV-4224AD and the BKDV-4224DA is a D-1 signal 
>     converter which provides, respectiveley, 8 bits A/D and D/A 
>     conversion capabilities for a D-1 VTR, in conjuction with two D-1 
>     VTRs such as DVR-2100/2000, they can form a range of 
>     recording/playback systems.
>     *4:2:2 picture plus key channel production
>      (4:2:2:4 mode)
>     *Full band RGB plus key channel production
>      (4x4 mode)
>     *Double horizontal resolution of 525/60 or 625/50 signals
>      (8:4:4 H mode)
>     *Progressive scan 525/60 or 625/50 system
>      (8:4:4 V mode)
>     The Sony DVPC-4224 Digital Signal Processor enables recording of 
>     a component video signal along with a key signal within a single 
>     D-1 VTR, with the use of coefficient recording technology with 
>     effective data handling.  It is designed to operate exclusively 
>     with a Sony DVR-2000SP Series D-1 format VTR and accepts both 
>     525/60 and 625/50 video signals, (optional BKDV-2000K update kit 
>     required minor modification for DVR-2100/2000 Series VTRs). 
>     The DVPC-4224 supports both 4:2:2:4 and 4:4:4:4 (4x4 mode).

This scheme appears to incorporate the the existing twin D1 VTR base using 8
bit technology. Anyone have any comments on its use?

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