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Re: [TIG] PAL xfr with NTSC DAT


Following on from my previous message - re: using a hard disk recorder - I'm
afraid I may have over-simplified.    Blame getting home late after a long
drive,  and trying to clear up my E-mail before going to bed!!

Assuming that your DAT rushes have non-continuous,  time-of-day timecode,  you
would have to use a hard disk recorder which would record the sound against the
time-of-day timecode so that slates were placed in the correct timecode position
on its timeline.    Now,  not all hard disk recorders can do that easily,  and
on some it can be a right pig,  having to stop and re-start for each change of
timecode.    I use a SADiE with V2.2.14 software which allows you to record
discontinuous timecode in one pass,  automatically doing all the placing on its
playlist.   So,  if you contemplate using a hard disk recorder for your work,
make sure that it will do this job *easily*.

Jim Guthrie
Sprockets & Bytes Ltd.,


  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 16-May-1996