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[TIG] Re:4:4:4

>I think Sony has a compression adaptor out that allows 4:4:4 recording onto
>a D1 machine. I also think that CFI is using one with their HR1440 setup.
>Maybe someone from there could comment about the Sony device?
The Sony DVPC-4224 (which I've only seen Sony propaganda on) allows 4:4:4
recording on DVR-2K or 2100 (with BKDV2000K mod kit).  They say they can do
this with on a D1 tape due to "newly developed coeffiecient recording
technology" (isn't this a just a sugar coated way of saying compression?).
Considering the existing conventional D1 interchange headaches, is this
really the answer?  

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video