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RE: [TIG] Re:4:4:4

Well, before you trash it, consider it the same compression 
quality as Digital Betacam.

OK, now you can trash it.

But seriously, yes it's compressed, but for many applications 
digital beta is just fine.  You want "real" 444? Then presumably 
you want it for effects and matting, which implies short-form, 
so use a disk technology for storage.

On Thu, 16 May 1996 13:50:46 -0400  Craig Nichols wrote:
>>I think Sony has a compression adaptor out that allows 4:4:4 recording onto
>>a D1 machine. I also think that CFI is using one with their HR1440 setup.
>>Maybe someone from there could comment about the Sony device?
>The Sony DVPC-4224 (which I've only seen Sony propaganda on) allows 4:4:4
>recording on DVR-2K or 2100 (with BKDV2000K mod kit).  They say they can do
>this with on a D1 tape due to "newly developed coeffiecient recording
>technology" (isn't this a just a sugar coated way of saying compression?).
>Considering the existing conventional D1 interchange headaches, is this
>really the answer?  
>Craig Nichols
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