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[TIG] legal video

About 2 years ago, representatives from most major New York post 
houses convened to talk about a convention (not a standard!) for 
chroma and luma levels.  At that time, we pretty much agreed that we 
would use broadcastability as our reference point, but recognized 
effects of overdeviation, etc. as mentioned elsewhere.  

Our localized convention resulted in a drastic reduction in complaints 
between houses as well as clients and houses.  The latter was due to the 
fact that many NY houses share clients, and consistency was both recongized 
and appreciated by the clients.

With a few execptions (like PBS) we generally agreed on luma and chroma 
levels for broadcast.  Life was pretty good for a while.

Then clients were infected with buzzwords like "illlegal" and fear swept 
the nation (note flair for the dramatic).  New 601 monitoring is in many 
cases adding more confusion than solving problems.  Some of this is a direct 
result of our different businesses; broadcast clients may have different 
philosophies than, say, film-finish or display-only clients.

Nonetheless, I think in general the "broadcast referenec point" (i.e., a 
signal which can safely be transmitted w/o detriment to the transmitter) 
is a valid approach.  Any 601 device is basically measuring gamut violations 
which may or may not be important.

Keep in mind that the display device you are judging results on is still RGB 
and if you monitor these results in coded form, then you are getting a pretty 
good look at what the customer is *capable* of seeing at home.

Lastly, we need to educate us folk as well as others on the differences between 
gamut-legal and broadcast-legal, but that's another story...

(PS- I don't think anyone's actually been arrested for possessing or selling a 
color outside the diamond display; perhaps "illegal" is too strong a word. How 
about "prone to possible anomolous chromatic reproduction"?)

Bill Topazio, VP/Engineering     bt at mte.com     v:212-907-1225
Manhattan Transfer / Edit        New York, NY   f:212-687-2719

"Blame not on malice that which can be adequately explained by
stupidity."  -Hanlon's Razor