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[TIG] Legal Limiting

Dean Humphus writes:
> Does anyone, on a regular or selective basis use the RGB legal limit
> available in DUI/8:8:8? We have found that, while not perfect or always
> appropriate, will definately impose reasonable, (and most often) delicate
> compression in the color product, yet without imposing upon the artisitc
> intent.  Perhaps Andy Sackheim could comment on whether or not RGB limiting
> in 8:8:8 is a desirable attribute in this box.  


You're right.  The RGB legal color limiting on the 8:8:8 does work, but
is not always appropriate for every situation.  

As can be seen by this thread, the notion of what is legal and illegal
is something that is highly debatable!  We as a manufacturer don't want
enforce a specific set of standards which may not be applicable in
all cases.  We have always indended to provide a number of different
tables which account for varied "tastes" in limiting.  The current RGB
table is just one approach to solving the problem, but dealing with
an aestheticlly oriented process such as color correction requires
a number of approaches.  We decided to keep ours "soft" in that the
table that is given to the hardware influences the final legalization
that takes place.

To summarize, our hardware is capable of dealing with a broad range of
situations, but our customers have to set guidelines as to which
method is most desirable and under what circumstances.

Andy Sackheim