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[TIG] Legal Limiting

Very interesting all this talk.  What do people think about the limiting 
boxes on the market today?  As most of them seem adjustable, and therefore 
practical to use in all situations from no clipping to hard clipping at 100 
per cent.  I would have thought that all we have to do is agree on the 
limits themselves, buy the boxes and throw away all the scopes in the 
suites!  Well anyway, that could present somewhat of a saving if you are 
building a new suite.  

My favorite box would be a true 4:4:4 clip unit.

On another line:  I am about to put the new Version 2 software into my Gold 
here.  Is the only challenge at the moment manual shading, or have other 
things reared their heads?

Ken Robinson
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1636 Olivos			
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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