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Re: [TIG] What is Legal?

Re: Dave Corbitt and Vince Forcier:
I third the motion. In the real world, it's encoded parameters that will
nail us. We look at x-y vectors, and of course encoded subcarrier excursions
(suggesting that any in-line monitor encoders do NOT have clips enabled!).
Gamut between color diff and RGB space is a whole 'nother issue relating to
what the client will see in one suite or another...important yes, but easily
controllable in house. 
Bottom line is....out of house rejections are much more costly.
>Dave Corbitt wrote:
>>                       Subject:                              Time:  10:11 AM
>>   OFFICE MEMO         What is Legal?                        Date:  5/20/96
>> Fellow TIG members,
>> I think SMPTE, the EBU, and our Post Production industry need to come up with
>> guidelines and recommended practices for exactly what constitutes "LEGAL" for
>> recorded video signals be they on a D-1 or Composite format, 525 or 625.
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