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Re: [TIG] Under/Overscan

On May 23,  6:33, "Robert Lovejoy" wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] Under/Overscan

>      I always leave it in Overscan unless the client specifically 
> requests underscan.  Otherwise the seem to complain a lot!  I keep a 
> B&W monitor nearby set to underscan so I can watch for encroaching 
> frame lines.

that's what I'm in the habit of doing as well-- in fact the B&W
monitor I have in cross-pulse, so I can direct my eyes at just a very
small targeted area at the center of the monitor '+' to see all the
corners at once.  But my habit of working the color monitor in
overscan puts me in the minority of my immediate peers, all of whom
seem to think that underscan is the only way to go.  Bob Festa's point
of the extra luminance in underscan is well taken, though I would
wonder if the monitor video level is set up for reference at under- or


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