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Re: [TIG] Under/Overscan

We have always found it preferrable to correct in underscan for two very
simple reasons. Seeing the edges of blanking top, bottom, and on both sides
makes it very easy to tell at a glance if you're centered up and filling the
full video frame properly.  Since blanking is standardized, the material
inside the safe title/safe action areas won't shift off center or get cut off
unless somebody down the road looks at it on a monitor or TV set that is
really out of whack.  On the other hand, "overscan" has no definite meaning.
 Is this where the edges of the picture just disappear behind the faceplate
of the monitor?  Where the scans just go to the edge of the tube?  Does it
have anything to do with safe title or safe action?  If the picture size
and/or position on the monitor drifts a small amount, how would you be able
to tell?

The other reason is that if the telecine capstan starts drifting, you'll see
the film frame line right away in underscan.  In overscan, you could waste
quite a lot of time before you discover that you are transferring

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video