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re: under/over

Just what everybody needs! A nice safe topic we can discuss...

I have ALWAYS used underscan, partly from "blind habit", but mostly 
because I'm too damn paranoid about not seeing everything I'm sending 
out. Sure, clients like to see overscan, but show me a real DP who would 
mask off part of his viewfinder while shooting.I agree with Chris Bacon, 
I find being able to check frame lines,blanking, and incursions important 
and I can pop up OS in a second(or put up a reticule). Most of my clients 
accept this without much problem (except for the music video types, but 
what can I say...), and probably attribute it to my cranky old lab 
mentality. Oh well...
 As for setup, I adjust for underscan, and explain the difference when we 
switch. Using the endless Sony monitor channels is a good idea, tho.

Dave Koslow

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