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Schmitzer (sp?) Wet Gates

Don't laugh too hard...

I think I've found a set of Schmitzler (sp????) wet gates for my FDL60.  (I
have a real use for wet gates, transferring some older scratched prints...
 and like the wet gate look.)

My question is this:  is it possible, even simple, to  take a set of gates
from one FDL60 and add appropriate plumbing to a different FDL60 (the support
unit is outboard, but there are connections that need to be made)?  

Anyone have anything good, bad, or indifferent to say about these gates?  I
hear they were very popular in Europe...  (but they say that about a lot of
things, including David Hasselhoff and Jerry Lewis...).

Anyone out there ever use a Piclear?  How good/bad/mediocre are they?

Jeff "trying really really hard to build a 1983-state-of-the-art facility but
asking way too many dumb questions" Kreines