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Re: [TIG] Under/Overscan

On May 23, 21:43, KA2IQB at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: [TIG] Under/Overscan

> really out of whack.  On the other hand, "overscan" has no definite meaning.
>  Is this where the edges of the picture just disappear behind the faceplate
> of the monitor?

We do have the safe-action area standard, and my somewhat inexact
habit has been to inform clients that anything outside of safe-action
but within the scanned image still has a chance of being seen 'at
home', as I believe (though have no proof of this) that modern home
receivers cutoff less than older models.  I've always been able to use
the cross-pulsed B&W monitor to check framelines.

>  If the picture size
> and/or position on the monitor drifts a small amount, how would you be able
> to tell?

Incuded in my morning monitor check is a look at sizing in under- and
overscan, using the action/title safe generator and monitor

Anyway, forget it, I'm going underscan fulltime (I had been using it
for effects jobs), if for nothing else than to be working the same way
as my esteemed peers.  ;-).


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