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tweak me, baby!

Hello fellow colorist,

Customizing telecines i think has somehow turned into an art form among =
I was corresponding with a colorist from Argentina, and he mentioned =
add-ons into their Gold that improved the image quality tremendously.
Well, i wanted to know what add-ons have you guys installed into your =
system.  Did Rank ship us a perfect machine, or do we have to turn their =
Toyota into a Ferrari?  With all the third party hardware in the market, =
which do you think is actually necessary or just plain hogwash?Is all =
this tweaking stuff gonna do some permanent damage?  I hope not.  What =
do you think about this? Maybe i should go back and tweak em PECs?*grin*

Jude Ng
Videopost Manila
"Beam me up, Scotty!"