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Job in Australia

The ad below will be running on the webpage.

--- Forwarded mail from backbay at gil.com.au

My name is Peter Koury, Producer/Director, Back Bay Films, Brisbane

I am a free lance Producer/Director and do some of my work through a
company called Cutting Edge.  They are in need of a colourist (and
since my film work goes through them I am too!) so they have asked me
to search the world for one as I am currently connected to the

I will take the liberty of sending you the copy that has been running
in the Austrlain trade press for over a month, with virtually no


Come and grade where the grass is greener, the skies are bluer and the
beach is paradise.

If you would enjoy a variety of telecine work: features, series,
documentaries and TVCs and the opportunity to manage a fully optioned
digital telecine suite in Australia's fastest growing post production
facility, contact John Lee at Cutting Edge Brisbane 61 7 38461388 or
e-mail backbay at gil.com.au

--- End of forwarded message from backbay at gil.com.au

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