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Re: Colorists & DPs

	Heated debate, did I say ? Well, I feel the need of explanations.
I have been a colorist for 8 years, I am not a DP. My company is an associated
member of the AFC, which means we talk together, that's all. My only wish is to
make nice looking films, for this, I have always bought equipement I thought
was the best for the kind of work I do, not the french one. I forwarded an
article of the AFC (1st paragraph), and the answer I gave them (2nd paragraph),
then a report from the AFC about Y.Neyman visit (3rd). I added a personnal
comment at the end further to discussions with some DPs. I am sorry this was
not clear. Concerning the starting point, I agree with M.Wielage, "if you don't
like the work done by the colorist, find an experienced one who can do the job
properly, and spend the money to do it right. You get what you pay for." I have
many clients who pay $ 600/hour to have good dailies, while some other
facilities here offer dailies at $ 200/hour. It is true that the starting point
can be very different from one colorist to another, but it is true also that if
you have the DP on the phone every day and he is used to work with you and you
know what he likes, getting to the right point is easy, this is why I said DPs
should have the right to choose their colorist as he his part of their crew. I
understand that all of this is not possible most of the time, and Y.Neyman's
desire to solve this situation with a new technique, and I wish it works, again
I am not judging the TCS, I just said what some DPs told me.
	I have not seen the Chicago Chart here, only grey scales, I guess it is
because nothing else is available here. I have a question, is it because a lot
of DPs overexpose on purpose their neg that with the TAF setting you get too
bright and greenish pictures, or is it that TAF is not good for this ?

	Regards, Jean-Clement Soret.

COLORIST at Duboi/Paris.