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Re: [TIG] Colorists & DPs

31/05/96 9:25 Howard Sisko/Unitel LA, wrote
>. Whether it be Aaton's system, or Rank's new box, no
> system other than the one from Gamma & Density is designed to be used
> on the actual set itself with the exact lighting conditions.

Dear Howard,
Your quote seems to be undocumented as both the Rank TKG and the Aaton 
rely upon the photography of an 18% grey card with the exact lighting 

Mr Soret (as a colorist) was only translating a french DPs society (AFC) 
meeting report.

The GreyFinder works following the path opened by the Eastman-Kodak 
TTEF invention.  The TTEF + Grey card system was NAB demoed 
by both Aaton and Rank-Cintel.

A visit to the Aaton site will certainly help you update your information 
on the Aaton GreyFinder and the Rank TKG methods.
You will also enjoy a sneack preview of the new Aaton WebSlate.

Jean-Pierre Beauviala

aaton at alpes-net.fr,
2 rue de la Paix BP3002, 38001 Grenoble, France,
tel +33 7642 6409, fax +33 7651 3491,