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Re: Colorists & DPs

I also think that Mr. Sisko was a little fast on the draw here.  I have had many 
conversations with JC on e-mail and never detected or even had any comments from him that 
suggest he might be nationalistic.

JC is like all of us: trying to get the best out of everything.

Re TAF.  I think it is well known that Kodak made a technical error and thus the new TAF, 
which I have is Not green anymore chaps!

My situation down here is very simple; I don't get total consistency from the labs here, 
and so can only use TAF for day to day checking on the telecine.  I still employ the tried 
and tested interframe black method, which stands me in good stead to see exposure and 
colour biasing.  I would like to agree with JC's comments about working with 
DP's/Directors, in that the better you know them the easier it is get what they want.  This 
has always been my challenge in changing countries so often, not knowing what each 
individual wants, or even might want!  I would welcome a system that was fool proof and 
easy to use, I just can't really see it in the near future.

How about this exposure meter I heard about at NAB?  Do you give the readout directly to 
the DP as you roll into the first few frames or do you show it to the whole room???  
Seriously, I do see a place for the box, hidden where only I could see it.  I don't really 
like being a "ham" sandwich.

Ken Robinson
San Lorenzo 3845
Buenos Aires

54 1 799 6112

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