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Color temperature reference

> JimErkson at aol.com> asked:

>I am in search of a good color temperature reference for use in setting up
>our monitors.  While we have a working color analyzer and matching probe; I
>am inclined to not trust it, and wish to have a "second opinion." 


I know of a few good sources for optical paraphenalia where you may find a
color calibrated cold light source for your app.  Two of these co.'s
specialize mainly in optics and lasers.  If you have a Minolta or Philips
analyzer, you might consider sending away for calibration.  It can be cal'd
to NBS standards, I believe.

Sargent-Welch Supply (everything scientific)
(800) 727-4368
sarwel at sargentwelch.com
Edmund Scientific (optics & lasers)
(609) 573-6250
Images Company (optics & lasers)
(718) 698-8305

Good Luck