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Re: [TIG] Colorists & DPs

1/06/96 5:47 Jeff Kreines wrote:
> http://www.alpes-net.fr/aaton
> My browser can't access this site -- is this the correct address?
> And is there a picture of the Aminima ?

Dear Jeff,
Yes this site has been visited by numbers of *direct-internet*
US colorists.  But it is common shame that AOL as well
as MSN subsribers have great difficulties to exchange heavy 
(i.e. more than 300 Kb) files with  Europe - as if these captive people
were bandwith limited by their providers-.  Time for change.

We will  HTML some pictures of the A-Minima prototype on our site.


aaton at alpes-net.fr,
2 rue de la Paix BP3002, 38001 Grenoble, France,
tel +33 7642 6409, fax +33 7651 3491,