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Y.Neyman in France(Colorists & DPs)

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was on a location scout for two days and didn't realize there was such a
heated discussion going on until a friend mentioned it to me .  I would
like to respond  briefly  to  J.-C. Soret  letter and the discussions that

We must admit that out of over 300 Directors of Photography and Telecine
=46acilities from 18 countries which are currently using our system  (none
are from France) we have not heard complaints, only praises.

It surprises me that our esteemed French Cinematographers had formed their
opinions and declared it  worldwide without testing the Thorough Control
System for themselves. No cinematographers or telecine facilities in France
ever tested or used the Cinematographer's Control Chart or TCS System.

We were genially suprised by the  question of how many times chart has to
be shot during the day. Maybe something was lost in the translation,
because nobody from our side ever said how many times it has to be done.
After all, this is a cinematographer's choice how many times in the
different lighting set ups he wants to see his scene transferred correctly.
And yes, stocks KODAK & FUJI & ILFORD  and 16&35mm  are different, and need
different adjustments for contrast and color rendition and therefore
different set up strips. C'est  la vie!

We would like to invite Mr. Soret and all colorists and cinematographers
from France  and other countries who may have some questions about  the TCS
to contact us or to run some tests .  We confident  you will be satisfied
with results.

Visit us at our web site: www.loop.com/~gamma1 and welcome to our Showbiz
LA  Booth #2247:  ( "Los Angeles vaut bien une messe")

 Let all of us have great success (avoir un succ=E9s boeuf) in whatever we a=
 doing!  After all we are all trying to achieve the same results.

 Yuri Neyman, Director of Photography

 Gamma & Density Co.