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Be certain that the new TLC keycaps are *really* pressed into place.  I've 
had to use extreme pressure on some keys to get them on all the way, and 
some keys took several tries to get them seated properly.  Be sure the 
caps lock key is off, as well.  As for the file problems, did you try to 
load one of the session auto-backup files to recover it?  Assuming 
everything was working prior to upgrading, it should be possible to 
recover the session from the auto backups after doing an RTC reconnect.
Also do a TLC restart after doing the RTC reconnect.
I have had occasions where I had to employ a specific restart procedure 
when an RTC reconnect alone wouldn't work.  1.  Shut off the mainframe.
2.  Get out of DUI and restart the Indy.  3.  Boot DUI.  4.  Turn on the 
mainframe.  5.  Do an RTC reconnect.  6.  Do a TLC restart.  I have once 
found that after shutting down the Indy, I had to then power it off, and 
then restart from there.  I also suggest saving your desktop and config 
files to a Mac formatted disk for safe keeping.

Hope this helps.

Ralph Edwards

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, ricardo wrote:

> After we change software to version 1.6 our tlc it is not works properly. 
> Now it is impossible to config or make new special key,
> because every time when i press one key this repeat like 11111111111111111.....
> than i did check before every new key what we change. My old spcl desapear
> even my basmem in davinci,and part of desktops. last friday i missed 450
> events whit color correction just when i miss comunic betwin DUI and
> telecine. Please sombody have any idea how to fix our problens, i have
> contact with people from daVinci before but they did not find solution,