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Re: question from Brasil

>discussion of the RSQ, perhaps it is of general interest.

>I'd like to have your comments about the Russell Square color
>corrector, using Ursa telecine.

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I know I must be careful here as I used to demo the Russell Square, but I am really 
interested to know what people think of it, and why it did'nt catch on more....  For me it 
is a fantastic machine, and frankly I often sit in my sessions down here wishing I had one.  
Either I am unable to achieve the desired look as well I know I could using RSQ, or we 
simply don't bother, or it ends up in a paintbox or equivalent session.

I have run mostly DaVincis in the last few years, why?  Is it because of the back up or 
because of the perceived capability?  Actually I am not really sure as I have been 
freelance and always arrived at the facility after everything has been purchased.  

What about peoples feelings on Pandora's systems, Copernicus?  What's the deal with 

I think a general discussion on these matters might actually help the various manufacturers 
either improve their service or even think about new designs.

Ken Robinson
San Lorenzo 3845
Buenos Aires

54 1 799 6112

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