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>Be certain that the new TLC keycaps are *really* pressed into place.  I've 
>had to use extreme pressure on some keys to get them on all the way, and 
>some keys took several tries to get them seated properly. 

This is certainly true when updating the keyboard.  To get them seated
properly sometimes, you have to press the key caps down well past the point
that it begins to hurt your hands. Some caps go on perfectly with no effort,
and others are just plain obstinate. 

The RTC reconnect, followed by a TLC reset often works wonders to clear up
weird TLC (or DUI) behaviour.  Other times, power cycling the frame will
bring things around.

One weird bug that exists in some DUI versions....if you have your TLC
window present on the DUI screen, and the cursor happens to be parked in the
TLC window when you strike Joyball panel keys (or move Joyballs), very
strange things can happen (like the pan knob actually starting the
Telecine). This is supposed to be fixed in newer versions. 

Craig Nichols