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Re: Colorists & DPs

Dear  All

With regard to the comments made by Jean Clement regarding the issue
of the DP & the Colorist I can only agree with the support he has received
from other members of the TIG and state that I too found his article clear
concise and informative. 

A few months ago when this subject was raised it led to some of the most 
heated and passionate debate on this forum and, despite the showing at 
NAB and elsewhere of the  " new technologies " designed to interface
the DP's exposures to the Colorists fingers, this will always be an area of 

The irony of the situation is that no matter which type of reference system is
used to bring the DP's vision to our monitors they will all demand a measure
of cost, be it in hardware or time, that the  "budget" transfer house may be 
unable or unwilling to make, whilst those that are heavy  "investors"  probably
already have the personal contact with the DP's that  Jean  Clemont and others
have pointed out is the most  effective solution.

I would like to say, before I also get shot down, that I use the term  "budget "
in the 
sense that Mark and others have, in that the client does "get what they pay for
" and
perhaps the DP's should get more support from line producers when these
decisions are made. The same consideration should also be given to the quality
of viewing format and monitor as low quality here is no way to judge the
efforts, or the DP's.

With regard to Kens question on Safe Area Generators the new Pandora digital
one is called Linus whilst the analogue version is called Lionel. Linus will be 
released soon and will be at IBC in September. 

Seamus O'Kane.
VTR London.