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Safe Area Generators

Greetings All,

Here at Unitel we have 2 Sprocket Digital RG177 Safe Area Generators. They
work well, one is used in an edit bay that does some 16:9 work, the other in
a telecine bay (Howard S. could probably comment on the pros & cons of it
vs. the Pandora unit which is in our other bays).

The Sprocket unit has a couple of features not present on the Pandora, it
has presets for all the common film aspect ratios both 4:3 & 16:9 TV, and
has the ability to inset a letterbox mask into the viewed image. Also the
video output  does not have some of the power supply problems we have
observed on our Pandoras.
The Sprocket is lacking the ability to make a user defined box of any size
or aspect ratio, this makes it difficult to replace units such as the Gray
Engineering unit in an edit bay environment. This feature is promised "soon"
in a future upgrade (get on it Bill!)