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SMPTE Working Group on Telecine Practice, Meeting.

The following is intended for participants in the committee, but any
interested parties may attend.

Meeting Notice for the SMPTE
Working Group on Telecine Practices

Date:		Friday, June 7, 1996.	8-00am - 10-00am
Place:		Sheraton Universal Hotel,
		Universal City, California

Items on the agenda for the next meeting of H19.18, Working Group on
Telecine Practices, will include:

1.	Review and approve minutes of January 29, 1996 meeting.

2.	Results of balloting of SMPTE 96 revision.
							Mr. Chapman
3.	Results of investigation of the BSKTS Super 16mm test film.
							Mr. Bancroft.
4.	Survey of existing SMPTE documentation for test films.
							Mr. Malang
5.	Results of balloting of the documents from the Editing Procedures group.
							Mr. Morgan
6.	New Business

7.	Date, time and place of next meeting.

Paul Chapman, Chairman.
Dave Tosh, Secretary.