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Re: What is Legal?

Just took a look at a new gadget that seems to hold high promise in the area
of 601 digital video and analog composite "legality."  It is the Videotek
SDC-101, along with its matching SDC-102 control unit.

Videotek is pushing this gear as a 601 digital, primary color corrector, and
it can be used that way, as it gives full control of luminance, gamma, and
black in R, G, and B--or Y, Cr, and Cb if you prefer.  It also enforces the
601 gamut, but with variable slope, so it works like a PROC amp with a high
degree of control over what happens when things get too close to the edge.
 But perhaps the most useful part of it--in this context--is the "Make Legal"
button, which restricts everything to the proper levels for encoding to NTSC
or PAL, per FCC or EBU broadcast specs (it is dual standard, and just follows
along with whatever standard you plug it into).  You can keep the "Make
Legal" function on for work that still has to look right after it gets
encoded, and you can turn it off if you want to create "art."

As is the case with most recent Videotek products, this item seems to be well
made, has a lot of utility, and works as advertised. The only thing I was a
little surprised about is that the main unit can't do everything by itself;
you have to buy the remote panel as well if you want the "Make Legal" button
and some of the other functions.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video