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Re: What is Legal?

KA2IQB at aol.com wrote:
> Just took a look at a new gadget that seems to hold high promise in the area
> of 601 digital video and analog composite "legality."  It is the Videotek
> SDC-101, along with its matching SDC-102 control unit...
> Christopher Bacon
> DuArt Film & Video

Christopher, thanks for the plug. I am the project engineer for the SDC-101.

The making legal that the SDC-101 does is the 4:4:4 clip that has been mentioned 
by some in the forum as a preferred method. Some will like it, some may not, but 
it is effective. All of the functions available at the remote control RCU-102 are 
also available at the processing unit (1 r.u.) SDC-101, but it's no fun that way. 
Due to the limitations of a 1 r.u. front panel, everything is done by menus. The 
"make legal" function is there buried in the configuration menu.

In addition to the remote control, the SDC-101 can also be controlled by an edit 
controller or a PC, for which (admittedly limited) windows software is provided.
Robert Stenzel	   RStenzel at gnn.com	vox: 610-327-2292
Project Engineer   Videotek Inc.	fax: 610-327-9295