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Edit list question

--- Forwarded mail from "Dave Henegar" <dave.henegar at qm.fallon.com>

                                          3:18 PM             6/4/96

The following is a dumb question that I can't seem to be able to get a
straight answer from any of the other editors I have talked too.  And
THIS is the perfect group to ask!  Question: When an off-line editor
prepares a telecine list for a final film-to-tape color correction
that has sync sound, is it absolutely necessary to have corresponding
nagra (or DAT) timecode numbers for every scene of sync dialog.  It is
my understanding that timecode from the nagra or the DAT is printed on
the film negative at the time of shooting.  Wouldn't this mean that
the nagra or DAT would chase and sync to the film during transfer?  Or
am I wrong.  If it does keep up with the film, is there any reason to
give sound timecode numbers, in addition to video timecode and keycode
numbers, to the telecine operator? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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