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Re: Colorists & DPs

June 3 '96   Seamus wrote:
>>despite the showing at NAB and elsewhere of the " new technologies " 
>> designed to interface the DP's exposures to the Colorists fingers, 
>> this will always be an area of contention. 
>> The irony of the situation is that no matter which type of reference 
>> system is used to bring the DP's vision to our monitors they will all 
>> demand a measure of cost, be it in hardware or time.

Hardware expensive? I don't think the Kodak TTEF process is.

In Post it will not ruin your boss:
- To align the telecine, all you need is ONE loop of TTEF film - and one 
loop only for all  rawstocks around  (the TTEF film itself is cheap, 
as it is  much simpler to produce than TAF).
- The GreyFinder is a Keylink low cost software option. 
    (KL version 6.0 even brings you an evaluation software
    for you to play with the GreyFinder for free).
On location it is quite light too:
- A cheap and small 18% grey card can be quickly and discretly
photographed anywhere in the frame, because the Greyfinder is happpy 
with a surface 1/100 of the picture area.

For the extra time this process will take, I will leave you write the 

(but I know it's very minute)

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