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> Hi there! was looking for your TAF film information (=8A).
> Would you kindly attach the picture of the image your 
>TAF film produces, along with information on it's use?  

A quick note about the TAF & TTEF acronyms which are confusing 
everybody around, as well as [TIG] goers.

- TAF is a rawstock specific 'absolute' reference film designed 
for telecine secondary color alignment.

- TTEF is a reference film which - not rawstock specific in itself-  
converts a telecine into a photographic densitometer.
Then using rawstock specific look-up tables the telecine can deliver
accurate densitometric measurements for any type of films.

(it is within this TTEF environment that the Aaton GreyFinder works,
you can have a look at our web site for more).


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