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Russell Square

     Hello all,
                I've been using Russell Square for a few years now and with 
     the latest software am delighted with the results.
        With 32 layers of selection, graduated selection/grading, and 
     morphable masks it's versatility is unparalleled. However it could do 
     with the hue/sat wash feature from the DCP, and can be tricky when 
     mastergrading through dissolves as the t/code reading from tape in jog 
     mode is often several frames offset, resulting in an endless play then 
     stop routine to get t/code readout correct and then jogging to the 
     correct frame before adding a point,(there are other ways around this 
     as I'm sure Ken will tell us. How's the subcontinent by the way Ken).
        EDL imports are easy except that any dissolves are turned into cuts
     resulting in a little jigging about before sessions, and I would 
     prefer the old-fashioned trim function instead of undo, but I'm 
     nit-picking now.
        Well I hope that gets the proverbial ball rolling.
     Cheers, Ace.

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