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Print struck from Nitrate?

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:50 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Print struck from Nitrate?            Date:  6/6/96

Here's a Gotcha.  A client brings in what appears to be an archival Nitrate
Black and White Film.  The word NITRATE is clearly visible on the edge of the
film.  Everyone panics and tells the client to get it out of the building as
soon as possible.  A few weeks later the client calls to say the film was not
really Nitrate, but a fine grain Safety print struck from the original Nitrate
master years ago.  The word NITRATE printed through to the copy.  In such a
situation how do you tell if indeed the film is or is not Nitrate?  Shouldn't
the fine grain copy have SAFETY printed on the edge somewhere?  In this case
it didn't.  The film had no characteristic Nitrate odor.
What to do!!!
Dave Corbitt 
Manhattan Transfer / NYC