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Re: Safe area Generator

>>Hollywood Digital's web site (http://www.hollydig.com) lists a Pandora 
>>PBX-3001 Cursor Generator among the equipment in their component digital 
>>on-line suites. Might this be the unit to which Craig Nichols refers? Is 
>>it suitable for telecine use? Maybe Bob Festa could answer this.
>>Robert Stenzel	   RStenzel at gnn.com	vox: 610-327-2292
>>Project Engineer   Videotek Inc.	fax: 610-327-9295
>This is most likely the analog version that almost everyone is currently
>using.  I'm told by Pandora that the serial digital version will not be out
>till sometime in the summer.

I evaluated a D-1 Safe area generator a few month ago that meets all of your
requirments except, it's just D-1... no D-2.  I only had it in for demo, but
in the two days we kicked it around it seemed pretty full featured.  Made by
"Miles" and available from ESP (818) 883-2138