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Re: Sleep mode


At 05:12 PM 6/10/96 -0400, you wrote:
>When placing the rank into sleep mode,

>1)  is it best to be in print or neg,
Does not matter as far as I know.

>2)  with a card in the gate to stop the light from passing to the cells,

>3)  zoomed out with the focus set to "0" (completely defocused),
Should be zoomed out enough so that the corners of the raster almost
touch the edges of the tube face, but not so that the scans go outside
the tube face area.
Only needs to be defocussed enough to eliminate scan lines (to avoid
burning in image of scan lines onto Phosphor).

>4)  with the rock-focus on,
No, not according to Rank Brimar (Eddie, care to comment?)

>5)  eht "on" with the tube current set to "0"?
Same as (4) above, at least 100 - 150uA seems to be preferred.

Maybe Rank Brimar could publish the latest recomendations here!!!