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RE: Safe area generator

--- Forwarded mail from H2L at prodigy.com ( HOWARD H LUKK)

 We here at IVC have three Pandora Analog Safe Area generators all of 
which preform to their specifications. We have just purchased for our 
new room a Milestek digital 601 safe area generator. I am quite 
impressed with this new aquisition. It has a full 720 pixel digital 
blanking measurements, good for our 1:78 transfers as well as encoded 
blanking. (ie. 704 pixels ) It measures aspect ratios and has 
sizeable circles for both 1:33 and 1:78 . Being digital its accuracy 
in the horiziontal is a nice touch for setting side blanking for a 
1:33 film in a 1:78 release. We purchased ours through ESP as well.

Howard Lukk
International Video Conversions

--- End of forwarded message from H2L at prodigy.com ( HOWARD H LUKK)