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Re: Film Puzzler

Dean wrote:
>... density change from beginning to end of each camera roll, 
> that occurs roughly twice per second.  The rate does not change from
> the beginning to the end of the mag.

> 1 Bad film stock? 
It would show on the edges too (and on Keycode) 

> 2 Laboratory/processing?
I don't know how, but probably here  (if (3) is not the answer).

> 3 Shutter/sync?
As ((the density change is also across the unexposed frame line)) and you 
are not seeing stripes, it's not a camera speed variation nor a loose 
shutter/claw phasing.
It could be some sort of in-camera bloop white light flashing during 
pulldown; worth checking.

> 4 Pre-exposure from the bag?
It would show on the edges, and the half sec period will not be that 

Now two questions:
16 or 35 mm stock?
Is the Keycode density totally unaffected ?