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Re: EHT supply replacement

Vince R. Forcier wrote:
> It has been recomended to me that I replace the Rank EHT output with a
> more stable reliable unit. Does the osc. frequency of the HV need to be
> generated in the Rank. Someone suggested to me that if the osc.
> frequency of the HV supply was not the same  as the line timebase,
> I would see some type of intrference between the  2 on the tubeface.
> The ripple spec of the supply that I am looking at is 6v  at 30Kv. Has
> anyone done this swap successfully, and can answer the above question.
> Thanks in advance for any help. Vince.

I've done a 25kV supply replacement on a Mk3C with complete success.
The supply is spec'd at 25kV with a ripple of 3 Vp-p.
The only hassle was with regard to the interfacing to the Mk3 EHT 
control system.
I haven't tried a 30kV supply yet but would like too.
X-rays are supposed to be a possible concern up there but reportedly 
with a thick faceplate tube, I beleive, you get virtually nothing out 
the front.

David Marshall
Telecine Enhancements