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Re: Film Puzzler

)) The density change is equal to all
three film layers and appears to pulse evenly across the frame, i.e it does
not begin on the left or right edge and wash across.  The density change is
also across the unexposed frame line, but is contained only within the
cameras aperture.((

Hadn't read the entire message before.  I assume you are looking at the
original neg, not a print.  Too much footage for a stalled machine.  Sounds a
little like a severly out of time (but floating) shutter -- is there
streaking visible on bright objects? 

Or, alternate idea, if the camera is equipped with Panaglow or Arriglow (what
camera was it?) that circuit could be out of timing.  

Or, what about HMI frequency problems?  If everything was lit with HMIs and
the wrong freq/shutter combo could lead to pulsing.  Does the relationship
shift at the start of each take?

It would be easier if I could see a piece of film, of course...

Jeff Kreines