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RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

>Having had the opportunity to demo the Pogle "Platinum" with DCP & ESR
>at NAB and recently at Broadcast Asia, I was very impressed by the way=20=

>professional Colorists could recognize the inherent benefits of the >sys=
>which, as Jude Ng will be glad to hear, fulfills items 1 thru 6 on his l=
>Seamus O'Kane=20
>VTR London.

Can we not use this forum as a marketing tool?
It will be boring hearing glowing testimonials on each system.
All colour correctors are just tools for the job.
The biggest variable is the colourist, not the grading system.
Everyone has their favourite system based on many reasons not just a feat=
ures list.
Just my grumpy view.
However, what would be more interesting would be if this forum could gene=
rate a feature wish list for a new fictional grading system.
All the subscribers suggestions could be voiced and a "virtual" grading s=
ystem design could be defined here in this group.Maybe the best bits of e=
ach system plus new fresh ideas thrown in.
Maybe this would be a great way of steering the manufacturers towards a c=
loser toolset we want. At worst it can only  assist in refining their sol=
utions on offer. There are are many talented people listening, here is yo=
ur chance to shout!!!

Paul Grace - Rushes London

Seamus O'Kane=20
VTR London.