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Re: RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

On Jun 14,  9:45, Paul Grace wrote:
} Subject: RE>Re: Re: Re: Which System?

> Can we not use this forum as a marketing tool?

One colorist's endorsement of a system does not a marketing effort
make.. though perhaps disclaimers could be offered, that the colorist
proclaiming is doing so by his/her own free will (such disclaimers
have been de rigeur on Usenet over the years, deflecting cynical
interpretations).  However, I usually restrict my personal offense to
manufacturers that tout products here on the group, which is not
allowed.  (see 'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/rules.txt')

> It will be boring hearing glowing testimonials on each system.


> The biggest variable is the colourist, not the grading system.

Right.  Would anyone be interested in an award given by the
subscribers of this group to the best colorist in each continent, as
voted by his/her peers?

> However, what would be more interesting would be if this forum could gene=
> rate a feature wish list for a new fictional grading system.

Paul, as you are the one suggesting, and as this will mean some effort
at collection of data, would you be interested in collating
and summarizing this discussion?  A more informed moderator would be
hard to find.


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